If you’re like a lot of people, you probably started your business not because you wanted to have a business but because you wanted to have the results. It may have been that you wanted the kind of money you could earn; it may have been that you wanted the freedom of working; and it may have been something even larger, like influencing people, helping your community, or making a difference in the world.

Of course, it may have been a combination of all three...

No matter which it was for you, it is very likely the spirit and the energy of who you were at your core that made you take that crazy leap.

And then time passed…

And for a lot of people, the joy leaks out. The energy and the spirit fizzle away…

If this has happened to you, you may find yourself: working much, much harder and longer than you ever imagined, having your very life-essence totally drained out of you, and all the joy you experienced at the beginning has turned into disappointment.

What if it were possible to revive that joyful spirit so that running your business not only feels as good, but feels way better than when you first started — and — you are so completely excited and enlivened by that thing some people call work?

And what if you could harness all that new-found liveliness and boundless motivation and use it to execute proven business tactics that will grow your business substantially faster than ever before with relative ease and grace.

I’ve just put together a brand-new kind of training and coaching program that will help you do everything I just said, and much more. It’s called the Entrepreneurial Alchemy Academy.

Perhaps the name needs a little explaining.

You see a alchemy is something that allows you to transform one kind of thing into another, and we’re going to transform your ordinary business into a business powerhouse.

An alchemist is someone who is able to look at secrets hidden “beyond the veil” and past the “doors of mystery.” We call this esoteric knowledge of extradimensional, energetic, non-physical reality, Magick. Alchemists are masters of Magick, and they hold the ability to manipulate it.

Entrepreneurial Alchemists interpret the knowledge of the mysteries to share them with Entrepreneurs and other denizens of the 21st century. Entrepreneur Alchemists are able to see things which aren’t apparent to ordinary entrepreneurs and use those things to get results others simply cannot get.

A few years ago, I had a realization that for me the real juice to life was not going to be found in ordinary experience and that the most powerful transformations were not going to occur by following the well-walked path.

I am not what you’d call a “spiritual” person, though I’m not sure what to call this work. I’ve spent the past few years studying with some very out-of-the-box teachers, reading hundreds of books, and experimenting with all kinds of esoteric methods. I’ve researched, explored, and developed techniques from “beyond the veil” to help you gain meaning, create energy, and amplify power to use in the 3D-tangible-no-nonsense world.

The Entrepreneurial Alchemy Academy is the result of all this work. The Academy is a 12-month intensive training and coaching program that combines work on “the inner planes” with hard-core business-building techniques that have been proven to work by thousands of entrepreneurs to whom I have taught them. These are techniques that work all by themselves—but with energetic and spiritual assistance—even better and faster than they would otherwise.

Now I don’t know anything about your beliefs and...

I may sound a little bit crazy…

Perhaps more than a little woo-woo...

If it sounds overly woo, Entrepreneurial Alchemy may not be the program for you.

But if you’ve always known—at least in some place deep in your mind—that what I’m saying makes sense, then keep reading.

I invite you to join a limited, select group of entrepreneurs who are ready to take a personal journey with me.

Limited because we’re going to work closely together.

Select because most people will think these are strange ideas and would rather learn the next traffic-generating hack or the newest social media tactic.

Of course, those things are certainly not bad things, and they might add to your business growth. But you can find out about them anywhere.

On the other hand…

If you join me on this journey, you’ll not only add significantly to your business sales, you’ll also add tons to your life: your joy, self-expression, energy, fun, etc. And yes, your profits!

Entrepreneurial Alchemy Academy is an experimental program, but with a difference.

In an ordinary experiment, you can never be sure of the results you’re going to get. But in this experiment, I guarantee that if you follow along with me and do what I suggest you do, you’ll get awesome results. And I promise you, as we move through it, nothing in the program will seem weird or strange; it will all feel perfectly natural.

You’ll get results like:

  • You’ll create an explosion of energy directed into your business plus an overflow of energy directed into your personal life.

  • You’ll transition easily from work to play to work without any of the drag that used to make it difficult.

  • There will be new meaning in the things you do every day.

  • You will ensure that your business is aligned with your purpose so that each action you take seems to just “fit” easily and naturally into your life.

  • Your traffic-generating activities will bring in many more opportunities.

  • It will be easier to get new customers.

  • You’ll have no more afternoon slumps.

  • You’ll be able to charge more for your products and services and you’ll enjoy higher margins.

  • If you use live selling, you’ll gain instantaneous rapport with prospects.

  • Your per-customer revenue will jump.

  • You’ll have more money to spend on marketing, and your marketing will become far more effective.

  • Profits will increase anywhere from 15% to double or much more.Here's some stuff

For the entire time we work together, you’ll be learning and implementing incredibly powerful strategies that will help you: grow revenues and profits; grow your personal satisfaction; and grow your unique personal power.

Each month will be an in-depth journey that will deepen your core connection to your work and expand your business’ connection to your marketplace. You’ll gain insight and energy, and of course, if you use the techniques, you will make a lot more money.

Here are just a few of the things we’ll cover over 12 months:

  • Strategies for freeing up personal and business energy.

  • Ways to create superior value for your customers and clients and in exchange charge full value.

  • How to increase business opportunities doing things you already know how to do.

  • New ways of monetizing each customer to drive lifetime customer value. ·      

  • Lots more…

I would be just as happy teaching you this material to use in your family, or to improve your health, or to have a more awesome personal life in some other way. I’m choosing to teach it to you inside of the structure of of your business 1) because I believe in being an entrepreneur as a way of life, 2) because it will definitely make you more money, and 3) because following the path of building a business is the single greatest laboratory you have available for personal growth.  

That said, my hope is that you will put this material to work in every important aspect of both your business and your life.  

I often use the word “divine” when I think of energy or creativity. Some people are put off by this because they think I’m referring to the God of some Religion in which they don’t believe. The thing is, I AM referring to God but who or what God, I leave completely to your interpretation.  

For some people God means the God of the New Testament, or the Torah, or the Koran. For others, especially those who struggle to even say the capital “g” God, they think of The Universe, or sometimes use the name Source. Still others think of “the still small voice within” or the Higher Self or the Unconscious Mind.  

Whatever you mean by God or The Divine is perfectly good. For me, the key is to realize that there is a source for all things, that it doesn’t simply springs up from a mass of atoms or molecules or energy waveforms. I believe there is a Source—a Creative Powerhouse—and deliberately tapping into that can provide you enormous benefit.  

Entrepreneur Alchemy Academy is merging a business growth program I can prove will rock your revenues and profits, with a personal spiritual program that will help you unleash your full potential and then channel it into your business.

The result? Greater levels of fulfillment, joy, and yes, profits!  

But if you want to make changes to how you work in your business and tap into limitless power and energy that is available to you… Enroll in the Entrepreneur Alchemy Academy. Click the button below, fill out the form, and join us.

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