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Resonate 180 is a distinctive program built for business growth as well as personal growth, and it does it from a special perspective, focusing not only on classical business strategies but also on spiritual strategies that support business growth. Resonate 180 helps awaken you as a spiritual being and grow your business on the spiritual plane because that is where the real money is made.

R180 is a 6-month coaching program that is structured for immediate and lasting impact on your income, your satisfaction, your fulfillment, and every other
significant aspect of your life.


Business Growth Strategies:

• Developing your unique strategic goals and plan

• Profit maximization through the Law of Compounding • Lead management secrets

• Practical market-based pricing

• Money Mapping

• Margin Leverage and Lifetime Customer Value

• Valuizing Your Products and Services

• Strategic Lead Generation • Conversion Testing

• Strategic Sales Process • Conversation Charting

• Power Priorities

• The Law of Least Effort

• The Law of Commitment & Consistency  

Energetic Alignment Strategies:

• The Supersensory Field

• Practicing the Presence

• Your Deep Inner Purpose

• Owning Your States

• The 7 Hermetic Laws

• Inner Knowing

• Charisma Training

• Beyond Meditation

• Awesome Rapport

• Grounding Strategies

• Unlimited Creativity

• Soul Resonance

• Energy of Energy

• Living at the Higher Vibrations

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