Sales Force Development

Sales Voodü is the only turnkey lead generation and business growth system that lets B2B product and service companies get more high-valued leads on-demand, allows complete scalable control over revenues, and expands the qualified prospect base up to 19 times.  

This complete, step-by-step, outbound business development program takes advantage of two crucial strategies to help companies achieve sales velocity. The first is directly engaging the “blue ocean” of qualified prospects who have not yet become shoppers.


The other is scaling: once you have pioneered and proven your company’s selling process, multiplying telesales opportunities is limited only by the size of your market and the company’s ability to deliver.

Sales Voodü is delivered to customers on a work-at-your-own-pace private client website. The 20-module video, audio, and text-based program covers every critical aspect of building a high-performance selling system, including:

·       Systemizing a customized, hyper-effective selling process, including sales roles, selling sequence, and offers [what’s the benefit? That will automate this process, enabling you to get more leads and close more.

·       Developing powerful and compelling messaging for your products and services.

·       Writing effective sales scripts and conversation guides that get results while reducing the need for the rep’s product knowledge

·       Show you how to build a scalable sales team as small as a single rep and/or as large as your market demands. Saving time? Money?

·       Recruiting, hiring and training effective salespeople

·       Paying reps with a profitable, motivational, and risk-balancing compensation program. This will give you proven steps, matrixes, and plans to pay your reps, saving you time and effort because it’s done for you…

·       Establishing benchmarks and metrics to manage performance and guarantee success.

·       Creating and embracing a successful sales mindset to turbo-charge your lead generation and sales results.

·       Pioneering your selling process from zero to success even if you’ve never done anything like it before and have no idea where to begin .

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