The World's Only Step-By-Step Program For "Working On"
and Systemizing Your Entire Business

Have you ever heard the expression "working in" instead of working on your business? You know, like you are a prisoner and that you are doing it all yourself—responsible for everything—working non-stop day and night, constantly pouring your soul into your business—and not getting enough in return? Or that you have a very limited number of people—maybe one or even none—who know how to get great results in some critical aspect of your company, and because of that, you can’t grow? Do you believe your business could be so much more if only there were more of you and if you could find enough good people?


And have you ever thought of selling your business, but you know deep in your heart that no one would buy it today because, without you, it might not be worth that much? If you'd like to expand your business but don't want any more of the chaos and frustration you associate with rapid growth, or you simply want to set your business on automatic pilot to make it both scalable and salable, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Turnkey Your Business (TKYB) is the first and only
step-by-step program that lets you create documented systems for each and every aspect of your business. TKYB was developed by a senior software architect who spent his life designing systems.


This is a complete “home study” do-it-yourself system. It
doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, and it doesn’t matter how well or how much you’ve even thought of systems before.

TKYB will help you start at the beginning, create all the individual systems your business needs to run, and then help you create the system of systems so that your entire business can run without you.


Just a few of the things you will learn:

How to figure out the best way for you to do each business function (Optimize and make things better a little bit at a time, increasing the return on your efforts at each turn)

How to free yourself from the day-to-day operations (so that you have time for the big things like paying more attention to sales and marketing and expanding your vision)

How to figure out what's missing to make your business more profitable (Sometimes these things are right in front of your face, but you can't see them for lack of a systemized approach.)

How to create a "business in a box" that runs just like yours (Now you can easily add additional locations, license your business model, or even go into franchising.)

How to create systems for marketing your products and services (even when you are so busy you think there's no time)

How to eliminate sales peaks and valleys so that you don't have to keep dipping into your credit line every other month (This strategy is so simple, you'll be embarrassed you didn't implement it previously)

The Seven Steps to rapidly improving any business process (Hint: This is actually easier than the way you are probably doing it now.)

"As a Financial Advisor and Business Coach who has been in the business for 14 years, I thought I had systemized my Investment Business totally. I had developed marketing, follow-up, and client service "systems" that could be followed by any new employee. But after just the first three modules, I learned so much more!!! I am now Blueprinting my whole business, which includes interviewing, hiring, and evaluating employees, and all administrative duties. I am also learning to replace myself in the business at a future date so that I can truly be a "Business Owner" and not just self-employed. I think they call this "passive income", and am I ever ready! Thank you so much for your wisdom, knowledge, and encouraging words when things got tough. Your program is terrific, and you and your organization are the height of integrity and caring."

---Pam Cooke, Houston, Texas

"I have paid for many business systems, but by far this is the most comprehensive system I have seen that really gives me the tools I need to run a successful business. I am still in my infancy, but this will help me in all phases."

---Dr. Jocelyn Towler, Torrance, California

Stop feeling like you can't get any more done and that your business can't get anything done without you.

Start creating bullet-proof systems for your company so it can grow profitably without you doing all the work.

Get started now!

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