The Marketing Money Magnet is an end-to-end system for creating a research-driven marketing-messaging platform to flesh out your marketing communications for use with any marketing tactics.

Have you ever launched a marketing campaign and realized you were attracting the wrong customers? Have you ever thought about generating leads in a particular niche and had the awful realization that you were speaking a language those people didn’t understand? Have you ever told people your product or service did something and found out that nobody cared? Or maybe they did care, but you weren’t telling them in a way that they could hear?

If any of these – or any one of a dozen other similar problems has ever happened to you, then you’ve been the victim of “message failure.”


In other words, you simply haven’t taken the time and effort to make sure you are telling the right people the right thing in the right way to make the most money.  

The Marketing Money Magnet Program shows you how to build your marketing message from the ground up so that you say the right thing to the right customers so that you attract all the prospects and customers your business needs… With ease.  

Marketing Money Magnet is a complete step-by-step process for getting inside the minds of your customers and prospects so they tell you what they want and then tell you how to say it.   When you’re done, you’ll have:   ·      

A clear picture of your customers needs and wants ·       A series of interviews with satisfied clients that you’ll use not only for perfect messaging but will make great testimonials as well as give you tons of ideas for new product development ·      

An expertly articulated USP designed to grab your prospects attention from the get-go ·      

You’ll know exactly why your customers want to keep doing business with you and what to do about it if they don’t.

You’ll redefine your clients’ buying criteria so that you effectively eliminate your competition from the playing field ·      

A list of 10 must-haves that someone needs to even be in your industry (and guess what? You’re the only one who has all ten.) ·

Another list of 10 “guidelines” buyers must follow when selecting someone who sells what you offer (and yes, you’re the only one who can satisfy everyone.) ·      

Case studies you can use to prove your marketing claims so that they aren’t claims any more—simply statements of truth. ·      

A complete marketing message and brand identity to communicate your product or service’s uniqueness. Never again will you be a me-too. Never again will you have to answer the question, Why should we work with you – it will be that obvious.  

Marketing Money Magnet will transform your marketing and boost your sales results.  

You’ll get the three-part, 64-minute Messaging Short Course video. You’ll also get the Messaging Short Course transcriptions.

Next, you’ll get the Marketing Money Magnet workbook with a complete set of forms to create all the messaging tools you’ll need to turbo-charge your lead generation and promote your business.

On top of that, you’ll get 80 minutes of audio tutorials on how to create each tool. This complete program will give you everything you need to instantly become a more effective marketer.

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