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Dear Business Owner:

Whether you work for yourself in your own business, or work for someone else while you plan to start your own business, the challenges are the same: it's easy to feel like you're trapped in a non-stop grind, pouring your heart and soul into your efforts with little or nothing to show for it.

Watch Just a Few Videos

But what if I told you that if you just watched a few videos and did a bit of reading, within a short time you could unlock the secret to doubling your income? Imagine wielding that kind of power—the power to skyrocket your profits while working smarter, not harder.

The Day-to-Day Can Be Exhausting

You know the day-to-day hustle is exhausting. You've tried every tactic in the book, yet the promise of substantial growth remains out of reach. The long hours are stealing your enjoyment of life, and the complexities of scaling up loom large. It's a story that’s too common: hard work with little return.

Paul Lemberg is one of the truly great strategic minds in business. He doesn’t sit in an ivory tower. Every day, for hours on end, he works on the front lines of capitalism, helping companies large, medium, and small build, revise, restructure, makeover, and integrate totally new strategies designed to drive and revive their growth. He takes companies that are fundamentally tactical and turns them into formidable and sophisticated strategic business and marketing forces to recon with in their industries.

Jay Abraham, Marketing Genius

The Return of the Apprentice

No, I don't mean that old TV show. I mean the way beginning tradesmen learn their line of work from more experienced tradesmen. I mean, the kind of thing where a master craftsman shows you the hard-learned tricks of your trade hands-on. Being an apprentice is how you can quickly go from being a clueless rookie losing tool bags full of money to being an accomplished professional where you can generate as much cash as you want.

What If You Had a Seasoned Expert Guide to Lead You...

For 27 years, I've been the secret weapon for entrepreneurs eager to skyrocket their profits. I’ve helped thousands of business owners and startup entrepreneurs with growth systems, strategies, tactics, and how-to programs.

I’ve published three books, created a slew of online trainings, live workshops, and seminars, and worked directly with hundreds of private 1:1 coaching clients.

500 Million Dollars

My clients and customers have earned an astonishing amount of additional income from implementing my ideas. Together, they have amassed over 500 million dollars in increased profits and proceeds from selling their companies. This is the equivalent of billions of dollars in extra sales.

"Paul Lemberg is one of the few consultants to whom I've paid more than six figures for their advice and ideas and found it well worth it. The other is Sir Richard Branson."

Marshall Sylver, Motivational Speaker + Hypnotist

My Clients Have Been Asking For This For Years

As I prepare to unveil exclusive insights I’ve previously shared only with my private 1:1 clients, I am often asked how to acquire my legacy products. The number of times people have inquired about FormulaFIVE alone is a lot more than I ever expected it would be. I often get questions about other programs too. I’ve also been asked if I plan to follow up on some of those programs with sequels or updates.

Why do so many people ask me this? Because my programs teach ways to grow a business and deliver financial results that outperform anything else on the market.

Not a Bunch of Stuff Thrown Together

With the Monster Growth Bundle, you're not just purchasing programs haphazardly thrown together. You're accessing a treasure trove of business growth blueprints that can help you double, triple, or even 10x your profits.

What If This Made Everything Easier, Better, Faster?

Plus, my programs are not about doing crushingly hard work. They're about working like an inspired genius. They're not about a bunch of random efforts. They're about turbo-charged and focused strategic growth. This bundle is a comprehensive toolkit for achieving exponential growth while taking on only limited risk.

What's In It?

Here is a glimpse into the package of business acceleration programs you’ll unlock as part of purchasing the Monster Growth Bundle:

Formula 5 Overdrive

Formula 5 Overdrive is an alchemical process that makes it almost foolproof for you to double your business's profits and double them again. This transformational system has worked for thousands of businesses and generated millions in bankable profits for their owners.

Just so you know, this is not the latest in funnels, social media, or AI automation. It's a new dawn in business growth for entrepreneurs. It's an easy-to-follow, proven approach for adding REAL MONEY to REAL BUSINESSES, without taking unnecessary risk. $3k Value

Turnkey Your Business

By now, everyone knows it's difficult to grow a business profitably without having the right systems. Turnkey Your Business is a one-of-a-kind program that shows you how to create much-needed, documented, and tested systems. The beauty of it is that these proven systems let anyone with minimal skill be able to run any aspect of your business, and they eliminate the need for experts with difficult-to-find experience.  $2k Value

Resonate 180

Have you ever wondered why your business isn't growing quickly enough in spite of you doing everything right? Resonate 180 is a distinctive program designed for business growth as well as personal growth, and it does it from a brand new perspective. Resonate 180 focuses not only on classical business strategies but also on spiritual strategies that can support all the dimensions of growth in your life. Resonate 180 will awaken those parts of you that you need to reach the levels you’ve been striving for. $2k Value

"Ever wonder who influenced me in business? There is one man who had such a significant impact on me years ago; his influence led me to form Strategic Profits and take it to where it is today. The man? Paul Lemberg. He wrote legendary business books like "Faster than the Speed of Change", "Earn Twice as Much with Half the Stress", and "Be Unreasonable. " All of these are in my personal library, and I've reviewed all of them countless times. Paul coined the phrase "business coaching" years ago. He understands business strategy and all of the little "tweaks" that make businesses prosper. And he understands this strategy at a level that very few people do."

Rich Schefren, Internet Marketing Pioneer

Sales Voodü

Many businesses would benefit from having outbound sales, but too many entrepreneurs have little or no idea how to make that happen. Worse, many of those same entrepreneurs are actually afraid of sales! Sales Voodü changes all that. It is a complete platform that helps you establish, recruit, train, and manage a sales team. This powerful channel—missing from most businesses—can rapidly bring additional revenue from prospects you'll never reach with your current marketing. Learn how to implement outbound sales from start to finish. $2k Value.

And there’s more...

Here’s the pièce de résistance—these four game-changers are just one part of the boundless treasure within the Monster Growth Bundle!

Imagine your business catapulting to unprecedented heights, delivering huge profits while you reclaim your lost time and freedom. This bundle is your ticket to a future most entrepreneurs can only dream of.

The total selling price of everything in this limited offer is just over $11,000, but now I have something even more valuable for you.

Act now, and you’ll also receive the following additional bonuses for grabbing this bundle of critical trainings at 88.9% off their current prices!

Many would-be entrepreneurs have what could be profitable ideas but don't know anything about the best way to build a business. Getting Started in Business is the program you need if you want to start a business from scratch but don't know how or where to begin. It covers all the essentials you need to know to be successful in launching your business. Sells for $497

Merlin was a legendary magician in King Arthur's court who was famous for being born as an old man and living his life backwards, growing younger with time. Being born old gave Merlin a superpower: he always knew what was going to happen before it did, because for him it had already happened. The Merlin Method is a process for you to plan your business by working backwards from the end to the beginning. With The Merlin Method, you'll always know what to do next, no matter what. Sells for $97

The Growth Strategy Roadmap is a complete, step-by-step process to produce a SWOT analysis that highlights your organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. A SWOT analysis guides you to build on what your company does well, address what you're lacking, seize new openings, and minimize risks. Apply a SWOT analysis to assess your organization's competitive position before you go forward with any new strategy. Sells for $197

“I cannot say enough about Paul's genius. His ability to take our vision and mold it into a viable sales and marketing system is awe-inspiring. His Sales Voodü systems and training are cutting-edge, effective, and easy-to-use. It's comforting to know our business can continue to grow in a sustainable way based on Paul's methodologies.”

Tonya Dawn Recla, Former Counterintelligence Agent

Wouldn't it be amazing to know what's going to happen in the future? Accurately predicting what's next is of extraordinary value as you develop and execute your business growth strategy, but knowing the future is simply not easy. How to Predict the Future guides you through a series of questions, research strategies, and forecasting tools to help you understand where the economy, society, technology, and your markets are going. This toolset is a hugely important add-on for all of your strategy and planning. Sells for $97

You know how important it is to systemize your business, but creating systems can be difficult and time-consuming. Business System Secrets gives you a powerful shortcut called The Quick Fix, a method for easily and rapidly turning any business frustration into a detailed, systematic business process. Sells for $297

Earn Twice As Much With Half The Stress is about building a business that supports "more profits and more life" for you, the business owner. The key is to structure your business in a way that is not dependent on you or anyone else by creating systems that produce consistent, predictable, and ever-improving results. This program is the system creation blueprint to reduce stress in every important facet of your business operations. Sells for $97

Your business marketing message is the underlying foundation for all of your revenue generation activities, and without a clear and effective message, none of your business's marketing or sales will work. Marketing Fulcrum is a recording of a live workshop that walks you through a process to develop a complete messaging platform and supercharge all your tactical marketing efforts.

Sells for $297

Effective use of time is crucial to maximizing your business results, but for many entrepreneurs, standard approaches to "time management" are ineffective. Turbo Time Management is a unique approach to time utilization and personal performance. Follow this process, and you will increase the amount of time you have available for meaningful, productive work by at least 15% or more.

Sells for $297

The total cost of these bonuses alone is $2,270!

“Paul designed strategies and helped us do three things: repackaging our product, crafting lots of upsells, and implementing a continual stay-in-touch campaign. Here’s what happened: in the first year, training and product sales were up 89% and profits grew 292%. In the second year, with a little more tuning, sales went up a total of 122% and overall profits jumped a CRAZY 950%.”

Bob Negan, "Main Street" Retail Consultant

You may wonder why I am unveiling this treasure trove of business wisdom.

I created each of these masterpieces to make it easy for business owners to achieve their goals quickly. I’ve invested immeasurable time and unwavering passion into crafting them, and it hurts me to see them hidden away and "off the market." Before I embark on the next phase of my business adventure, I wanted to extend this opportunity to you.

Now, just for a moment, imagine doubling your profits and doubling them again, crafting a business that operates seamlessly without your constant supervision, and building an outbound sales team that expands your reach beyond your wildest dreams. That’s what my Monster Growth Bundle offers—a treasure trove of proven business-building systems.

None of this is about following the latest trends. All of it is about creating meaningful growth and bankable profits without incurring any significant risk.

For this brief window of time, I’m offering every single program I’ve created over the past two decades in one package.

The total value of these remarkably effective programs is $11,000—and you'll get it all for the ridiculously low price of $997 or 3 monthly payments of $387 each.

This is not just a grab-bag of unrelated training materials, but a massive investment in your business's future. These programs will set you up to double sales and profits. And not just one time—you'll be able to double and double again.

But hurry, this offer isn’t just exclusive—it's time-sensitive.

I feel like I can only make this crazy offer for a brief time. Keeping the price this low forever wouldn’t be fair to my long-term clients, who paid much, much more.

"Turnover has increased by a little over 250%, and net profit has gone up by just under 275%. Last year we did around $170k, and this year, based on just the changes you helped us make, we should do around $500,000. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

A.J. Silvers, Storytelling Marketer


This is a lot of very powerful material and you will need a road map to make the best use of it. Let's get on a call together to work out the best approach and the optimal sequence to using this material in your specific business to reach your goals.

As you can imagine I can only do a limited number of these calls so act now and sign up for the bundle and bonus consultation.

If you’re frustrated, weary, and sick of struggling day after day—making zero forward progress...

If you’re tired of watching your competitors effortlessly race past you in the market...

If you just want a fair shot at making it work and you’re willing to apply the systems and follow simple instructions…

Complete this form below to seize the Monster Growth Bundle before it’s too late.

To your unstoppable growth,

Paul Lemberg

P.S. This bundle is the culmination of over two decades of frontline business warfare. It's time to stop struggling and start scaling. Grab your blueprint to success while you still can.

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