Partial Client List

Some of Paul’s clients have included:

Agora Financial (Publishing)

Unbeatable Hire, UK (Rentals)

Scorpio Digital Spain (Consulting)

The Financial Traffic Network

Chris Daigle (M&A)

Ultimate Lifespan (Supplements)

End of Life Care MD, San Diego (Healthcare)

Survival Frog, LLC (Retail)

Moss Global, LLC (Publishing)

Optimized Labs (Supplements)

Normandy DentistryNUTRAXIS

The War Room (M&A)

ResultsFlow (SAAS)

HVAC TeleSales Inc. (Services)

The Goldhill Group

Flip Anywhere AcademyADI (Software)

JP Morgan Chase (Banking)

Colorprint (Printing Services)

Gail Doby Consulting Services (Consulting)


A Proven Product (Nutrition)

Cisco Systems (Technology)

Results Nutragenics (Nutrition)

CellLogix (Nutrition)

Cardiac Synergy (Healthcare)

The H Company (Healthcare)

Made Ya Smile (Healthcare/Dentistry)

Quantum Leap in Dentistry (Consulting Dentistry)

Telstra (Telecommunications)

Peli Peli (Restaurants)

Total Rewards Software (Software)

Ready To Go Newsletters (Internet Marketing)

Frontline Systems (Software)

ThorTech (Software)

Crew Resource Technologies (Medical Consulting)

INPUT Information Systems

Investor Wealth, Inc. (Internet Marketing)

Today I Can, Inc. (Internet Marketing)

Association of Merger and Acquisition Advisors

Best Computing Corporation (Technology)

CMDS (Technology)

Progressive Lending (Banking)

Decisioneering (Software)

ESI (Software)

Internet (Internet Marketing)

Shaker Computing (Software)

Media Creature (Music Publishing)

TootleU (Internet Marketing)

Resource Data Systems (Software)

Internet Products, Inc. (Software)

Software Success (Publishing)

Monahan Financial Services (Banking)

Entrepreneurial Woman’s Network

Solomon Software (Software)

Computer Upgrade (Computer Leasing)