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Paul Lemberg is one of the truly great strategic minds in business. He doesn’t sit in an ivory tower. Every day, for hours on end, he works on the front lines of capitalism, helping companies large, medium, and small build, revise, restructure, makeover, and integrate totally new strategies designed to drive and revive their growth. He takes companies who are fundamentally tactical and turns them into formidable and sophisticated strategic business and marketing forces to recon with in their industries.

Jay Abraham

Marketing Genius

Paul Lemberg is one of the few consultants to whom I've paid more than six figures for their advice and ideas and found it well worth it. The other is Sir Richard Branson.

After one year (it took longer than it should have because I was stubborn about everything), we have a fully structured sales process, our pipeline has grown by 15 times (!), and our sales cycle has been reduced from 12 months down to 4 months. My only regret is that I didn’t find Paul sooner. Thanks for your help!

Marshall Sylver

Motivational Speaker, Author, Hypnotist

Tom Johnson

CEO, IPiFONY and Papersoft

Ever wonder who influenced ME in business? There is one man who had such a significant impact on me years ago his influence led me to form Strategic Profits, and take it to where it is today. The man? Paul Lemberg. He wrote legendary business books like "Faster than the Speed of Change", "Earn Twice as Much with Half the Stress", and "Be Unreasonable. " All of these are in my personal library, and I've reviewed all of them countless times. Paul coined the phrase "business coaching" years ago. He understands business strategy and all of the little "tweaks" that make businesses prosper. And he understands this strategy at a high level that very few people do.

Every day the media tells us how quickly things are changing, and how tough all this change is on business. Most people think the future is something to fear—that it will make them obsolete. That it will make them prey for hungry new competitors. And that it will put them out of a job. Paul Lemberg sees things differently. Paul is a critical thinker and a strategist who takes the fear out of the future and puts the emphasis on opportunity. Paul Lemberg will change how you think about change.

Rich Schefren

Strategic Profits

Randy Gage

Motivational Speaker and Author

I met Paul when he spoke at a Jeff Walker conference. I immediately loved his no frills, authentic and big thinking take on how to build a business. I’m not new to business information: I’ve read tons of books and taken lots of courses from all kinds of gurus and frankly, they mostly say similar things, focusing on either trendy ideas or small defined tweaks. When I started working closely with Paul, he took a comprehensive and holistic view. He gave me bigger thinking ways to have a bigger impact in my business. Simple shifts like incorporating both short AND long-term views so that I got immediate results and steered towards my future, instead of sacrificing one for the other. I also looked at how I wanted my business to support my life, rather than the other way around. I changed who I marketed to because I had clearer ideas of who I wanted to help. I changed how I charged for services to attract the right people and optimize my own time. Now that I say these things, they each sound so simple. But all together it was huge. Paul really knows his stuff, and has helped me create something really satisfying. This is a plug: If you have an opportunity to work with him, just do it, you will be thrilled you did!”

We have implemented specific components of your process, which allowed us to identify and focus on the high priority areas of our business where we would see the greatest returns given our resources. We expanded our business west across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta and we’re contemplating expansion into the United States, and grain producing/exporting countries around the world like Australia. We increased our basic annual service fee 50%. Our client base has at least 200% and our gross revenue has increased in excess of 300%. As a side note, we had 4 employees, now have 9 and we’re looking for more associates to accommodate the growth, which is starting to become exponential.”

Shannon McCaffery

Product Launch Strategist

David Drozd

CEO AgChieve

We just sold our company for substantially more than we had been led to believe was possible. Thanks, Paul, for all your help.

Turnover has increased by a little over 250%, net profit has gone up by just under 275%. Last year we did around $170k and this year based on just the changes you helped us make, we should do around $500,000. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Stan Usry

President, Concord Business Systems, Inc.

A.J. Silvers

Met Paul at the seminar he did with Kenrick Cleveland way back when. Such a smart and humble guy. His “Formula 5” is one of the resources I often have found myself thinking back on, whenever I said something brilliant in a coaching session and then thought to myself: Where the f… did that come from?Highest possible recommendation!

If you know anything about Pablo Lemberg, you know the value he's famous for providing. If you aren't aware of him, who he is, what he delivers, and how it can benefit you, then don't let the opportunity to get your hands on this offer pass you buy.

I've personally known Pablo for more years than I can count, and never fail to walk away from our conversations with value that I can immediately implement in my business and realize significant profits from…

Get to know, follow, study, and learn from this guy... everything you can. He's a brilliant marketer, businessman, entrepreneur, and profit strategist, and what you can learn from him will revolutionize your business. Don't take my word for it... click on his name, go to his FB page, and then find his website. You won't be sorry!

Michael Lassesn

Creator of The Success Checklist

Martin Howey

President, Topline Business Solutions

Paul Lemberg can do something special: he sees the forest and the trees. He gets the big picture faster than almost anyone I know, and then fills in with useful details as the picture comes into focus. At any one time, I juggle a lot of projects. My passion is inventing things. I’m also a direct marketer as well as a licensing expert. That covers a lot of ground, and whenever I have a critical question, I always turn to Paul. That’s because his scope of knowledge, at a deep level, is stellar. It doesn’t seem to matter what the business is or what the problem, he improvises from his vast experience like he’s pulling answers out of a hat. Paul has helped me with high-level strategic insight, detailed knowledge of B2B and B2C markets, assigning value and sorting through priorities and opportunities, advice on specific marketing and sales tactics… Even methods for raising money and valuation issues. He’s even made me kill off a few seemingly great ideas that weren’t living up to their original promise. I can’t tell you exactly how much all of that was worth because I didn’t track it each time. But conservatively, in hard dollars, it’s easily a few hundred thousand and probably much more.”

Paul Lemberg promises “extraordinary business results”, and he delivers. Thanks to Paul’s help, I have been able to exceed the “extraordinary” goals we set together. As a result, I have completed a reverse merger and have just launched a new Internet Spanish-language marketplace. I highly recommend Paul as a coach, a speaker, and a strategic consultant.

Bob Serling

Legendary Internet Marketer

Jeff Stern

President JSA + Internetmercado.com

“Paul designed strategies and helped us do three things: repackaging our product, crafting lots of upsells, and implementing a continual stay-in-touch campaign. Here’s what happened: in the first year, training and product sales were up 89% and profits grew 292%. In the second year, with a little more tuning sales went up a total of 122% and overall profits jumped a CRAZY 950%.”

It was a tall order to ask you to give fifty of our top-achieving financial advisers relevant and appropriate business advice, but you did so in a powerful manner. The presentation may have been four months ago, but advisors are still using the material, re-reading your book and developing many of the concepts they embraced in June.

Bob Negan

Whiz Bang Training

Tim Arrowsmith

GM Sales, Sovereign Insurance

Thanks for getting in touch! INCREDIBLE. Excellent points, ideas, and far more usable than 99.9% of what’s out there. Really enjoyed it!

I first met Paul when he was speaking about what really motivates high-tech people, and how to keep them at your company forever. We’ve been working together for over two years now, and I must say, without Paul’s terrific insight and guidance, I would not be the CEO.

Dr. Kevin Nunley

Chris Stevenson


This is an unabashed letter of recommendation for Paul Lemberg. Paul brings quite a knowledge base from his personal experiences in software development ventures. However, if I were to point to a single hallmark skill that Paul possesses, it would be his keen ability to patiently facilitate a group so that the ultimate conclusions reached are "owned" by the participants. As a result of the coaching we've had with Paul, our leadership team set the most ambitious goals the company has ever embraced. I'm pleased to report that one year later, in addition to adding profitable new products, a significant overhaul of the company's sales division has netted a 15% increase in our customer base. And the process is still in ramp-up! The business has gone from being somewhat stagnant to growing substantially. Since working with Paul we've grown the business five-fold, to the mid-eight figures, and have net profits exceeding 30% of sales. Obviously, these results have required significant commitment and hard work from all our staff. However, we readily acknowledge that Paul Lemberg's contribution to the effort has been priceless.

Just a short note to thank you for speaking at several recent Software Success events. As usual, your presentations were rated above average by the audience, and the individual feedback I’ve heard has been very positive. As an IT entrepreneur myself, I’ve enjoyed your insights into strategy, team building and delegation. In fact, your talk at the Software Company Growth Conference inspired me to revamp the way my own organization is set up. Things are already getting done at a faster pace, and we’ll trace some significant growth to your advice. I look forward to continuing to work with you on seminars and conferences. Your real-world feel for everyday management challenges is rare among consultants.

Bill Caldwell

President, American Healthtech

Rob Shapiro

President, Software Success

Paul's ability to ask the difficult questions that we weren’t asking ourselves was critical in figuring out how to get DSI to the next level. Sometimes the day-to-day activities have a tendency to create a mist on the landscape and your participation and advice helped us to clear the path.

Paul coached me to restructure my entire operation to make more money. From the business side, I see things more clearly and simply. It works now.

James C. Giffen

President, Diversified Software Industries

Judson Potter

Paine Weber

Paul worked with me to develop a system which has boosted my income into seven figures. As a result of our work together, I’m a well-known figure in my field.

A good coach is hard to find, but you know one when you’ve got one. The team begins to work together like a machine, and then you win… Paul is great at helping agents crystallize a commitment and follow the steps to achieve it. He helps keep me on track and provides an invaluable level of outside accountability.

Elliot Maza

Director, Goldman Sachs

Don Harrington

Mass Mutual

Paul Lemberg is one of the most dynamic speakers and consultants we have ever had. He brought a wealth of practical information to our members, and presented it in a way which was easy for us to understand and put into action. We liked him so much, we asked him to come back.

Thanks again for your excellent presentation. Your Merlin Method to visualize the end and plan backwards approach was particularly thought provoking. This was truly one of the most effective presentations we've had all year and your coaching the audience members was wonderful.

Jane Pollack

Entrepreneurial Women’s Network

Nev Grove

Computer & Electronics Marketing Assn.

We received a ton of value in ways far beyond our expectations. As corporate consultants, it is usually us who are helping our clients make the behavioral changes needed to survive in today’s volatile marketplace… Our newly refined skills will go a long way toward helping the company grow…Keep up the good work. You have a rare gift.

We are a more competitive, more productive and more profitable company than we were when I first took the helm. Paul Lemberg’s contribution to this has been crucial. Paul has been invaluable to me and my company, resolutely helping me extend my abilities while insightfully providing me with just the right blend of focus and perspective.

Mitch Ditkoff

Idea Champions

Sean E. Murphy

President, ESI

… helped us increase our client base faster than ever before. Also, I've become a more effective leader with a vision beyond what we previously thought possible. Paul stuck with it, keeping the vision going, urging us to consolidate our operations, raising our productivity, and providing a solid growth platform, even when we wanted to give up. Paul has the wisdom to know the difference.

Paul Lemberg offered real world responses to the difficult problems we confront in the market place… They have helped me build a structure which will facilitate our growth for years.

Robert Monahan

Monahan Financial Services

Mark Braverman

President, Resource Data

I cannot say enough about Paul's genius. His ability to take our vision and mold it into a viable sales and marketing system is awe-inspiring. His Sales Voodu systems and training are cutting-edge, effective, and easy-to-use. It's comforting to know our business can continue to grow in a sustainable way based on Paul's methodologies.

This was a milestone for BCC, and we appreciated the motivating message you brought to our employees. With the international mix of employees we have, you seemed especially attuned to their interests as well as dealing directly with problems and concerns related to the computer consulting industry. From the remarks I heard all day long, your seminar was well received and your enthusiasm was contagious. Thank you for being an integral part of our Anniversary celebration.

Tonya Dawn Recla

Lynn Bixby

Best Computing Consulting

What an incredible privilege to have the opportunity to work with Paul. Paul's impeccable experience, dedication, knowledge and passion have helped our sales team tremendously. We are grateful for his guidance and cannot thank him enough for what he's been able to do for our organization!!!

Paul is a brilliant and insightful business mentor and team trainer who's focus has always been to help sharpen the skills of the sales team and bring more clarity to the inter-workings of the companies separate divisions and their personnel. If you are looking for hyper-growth within your sales or marketing team you would be wise to consider Paul and his expertise for the job.

Sandra Fan

The Alchemist of Human Connections

James M. McFadden Jr.

Publisher | Developer at InfinitySiteSolutions

I was part of Paul's group coaching beta program, he is an amazing teacher / mentor / consultant. His advice / suggestions are realistic and easy to implement. It increased my business bottom line instantly. The best part is that he taught me how to identify and repeat these strategy again and again. Paul is definitely someone who I highly respect and would recommend to anyone who is serious about taking their business to another level.

Paul's expertise and knowledge of sales is far superior than anyone else in the industry. He has completely supercharged our entire sales process with his Sales Voodü System. Paul is the real deal and authentic to the core. It's a pleasure to have him as part of our team.

Joe Lau

Investor | Exit Specialist

Justin Recla

Impact Driven Professional

I was recently referred to Paul by mega-millionaire Bob Serling. Bob said that.. (and these were Bob's very own words...) "by far, Paul Lemberg is the best marketing trainer on the planet..", and "...nobody's even close to being in second place".

Paul's wisdom in the area of increasing one's bottom line is literally and utterly CLOCKSTOPPING!! I would advise anyone who is running ANY SIZE BUSINESS to become fully involved in his teachings. Every dollar you spend on his programs will come back to you TENFOLD EVEN if you only do half the things he teaches! In the past few weeks alone, I've used Paul's helpful input into my own business affairs and those of a few people close to me, and we've all had an increase in our bottom lines! One of the businesses I passed on some of Paul's advice to doubled it's profitability in under two months!

*Thanks Paul - you deliver total integrity & value in your programs - and we all love you up here in Canada man!!

The ideas I got from Paul Lemberg not only helped me stay in business but also increased my sales in a downturn economy. I was able to increase profits from many ideas that I got from Margin Magnifier, increase my site’s traffic from what I learnt from Lead generation & turned more leads into sales using Conversion Control. Instead of a business that was going downhill, today I have one of the fastest growing perfume sites in the nation. Not only from all over America, I get regular business from Europe and Australia which without Paul, I couldn’t have even dreamt of. I wish I had access to this fantastic program when I first started my business. Thank you Paul for helping my business get famous globally!

Dave Munday

Telecom Recruiting, Elite Head Hunter, & Business Relationships Consultant

Sonny Ahuja

I chose to merge my consulting practice with Paul's, because Paul Lemberg is one of the most brilliant business strategist I have ever met. I am confident his systematic business acceleration program will revolutionize coaching and consulting.

Paul Lemberg is a STAR amongst coaches worldwide. I work with major organisations and coach, train and teach thousands of individuals. I consider myself to be creative and extremely proactive...but Paul is one of those rare individuals who makes amazing things happen with genius.

Paul F. Cronin

M&A Advisor

Mike Hanson

Senior Lecturer, Head of MSc

Paul has, hands down, one of the clearest, systems-thinking minds in business today. His approach is at once simple, deep and broad-reaching. Rare these days in a market full of so-called business coaches. Paul is serious about helping business people get their businesses under control so your business supports your life instead of becoming your life. Need that kind of help? Call him today!

As Managing Director of The British Business Club I have employed Paul Lemberg's superb articles in our Electronic Newsletters. The feedback from members has always been excellent. I wholeheartedly recommend Paul to all business owners as an inspiring business coach.

Meri Aaron Walker

Mobile Artist, Creativity Coach and Educator

Michael Sloyan

The English Stoic

Why were you a successful coach for me?

Your real expertise running companies, your black and white approach, your holding me accountable in very specific ways, your willingness to be critical, your willingness to risk bold ideas, and your brainstorming of new, breakthrough initiatives. Today, I have a staff that is quite successful in managing their routine operations. We have baselines by which to gauge our

And most importantly, we are having our most profitable year ever.

I spent my first career in the US military. Including that time, and all my years in Corporate America, Paul’s program is one of the best, most insightful leadership programs I’ve ever taken.

Richard Deeran

President, Casco Development

John C. Eberle

Vice President, SAIC

Just like you suggested, we started with the Blueprinting Process. As a result of the insights gained from Blueprinting, we reduced monthly overhead by $5,000.00… Immediately.  But then, we implemented your referral system, and referrals alone generated 25 new leads each week. Plus, because of blueprinting I have been able to create a new key management team in the last 6 months, resulting in a tighter and more proactive organization.  As a result, Singleton Companies has just been recognized as the Family Business of the Year in our $18 billion industry. Using the TKYB system, I have transformed my 80-year-old company into a contemporary powerhouse and industry leader. 

We sell capital equipment for the printing industry. I was getting hung up on how can I clone myself—how can I pass on the accumulated experience of 23 years. As a result of applying your coaching and methodology to systemizing our sales process, we tripled the effectiveness of our sales force and expanded the business from $6,000,000 to a run-rate exceeding $18,000,000. Then we applied the same ideas to our customer service function so that we can handle all that increased business. Now we're using the tools to have our people teach their other people, who teach still more people, as we continue to grow and grow. I'm just following your procedures one step and a time, and the results have been fantastic.

Todd Singleton

The Singleton Companies

John Stetter

Active Printing Technologies

I would believe very conservatively that this is going to add six figures to my business over the next 12 months. I've said $100,000 in the past, but now I think significantly more than $100,000 is a very conservative estimate. A lot of that money's going to go to my personal bottom line. This is actually phenomenal. It has allowed me to hire people to do my job in the organization. I've been toiling at this J.O.B. in my own business that I don't like for over 10 years. The things I learned from Paul Lemberg allowed me to hire TWO GUYS to actually take over my J.O.B. so that I can do what is my most important role in my organization is, and that's the visionary. The "Big Picture" Guy. And that's just been earth shattering and revolutionary to me: personally. It doesn't make any sense NOT to work with Paul. Now, if you're not a "doer" - if you're going to get ideas and "stick them on the shelf", (like I've done with information products in the past) then it's not going to make you any money. But if you're dedicated to making a difference and making a change in your business and in your life, then I would say you're absolutely a fool not to work with Paul.

Paul, I sell done-for-you credit repair online. When I saw your video on Monday, I decided to raise my price by 50% that day. It's now Friday, and I'm still averaging the same number of sales per day, and my income is up 50%! If this keeps up, I'll take in another $20K in sales per month. I'm now adding a $300 up-sell, and developing an online course, a book, and an instructional audio CD series for my back-end. Oh yeah, and I got back to split testing my landing page, and my conversions went from 5% to 12%! Thanks for the kick in the ass.

Darrin Mish

Law Offices of Darrin T. Mish, P.A.

Brian McCollum