Core Coaching Values

We strive to be values-centered. This means that we operate with a clear intention of doing business according to our highest ideals and principles.

Our values are, by design, the foundation of actions and decisions made within our organization. We believe the more we focus on putting our core values into action, the more we will be able to move towards our cultural and strategic outcomes. These core values include:

  • Integrity

  • Ethics

  • Passion

  • Authenticity

  • Life-long learning

  • Focus

  • Commitment

Our goal is to infuse everything we do at Inventive Corp.


We value “walking our talk” and to the greatest degree possible, do exactly what we said we would. We believe that “walking our talk” is the most essential quality to cultivate in acting as leaders in the business community. We conduct all our business with the intention of acting on all of our commitments, which includes running our business in accordance with our core guiding principles regarding ethical conduct, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and nurturing human potential to the best of our ability. In addition, we support each individual who works with or does business with us in achieving the state of completeness by being in integrity with his or her own values as well. If situations arise where an individual’s values may be in conflict with those of the organization, we will support the individual in following their heart.


We value doing the right thing.

At Quantum Growth Coaching we believe there are such things as right and wrong, and that human beings can tell the difference. We further believe that there is always a clear ethical distinction exhibited in the choices we make about our businesses.

We are firmly committed to making the right choices: adhering to high ethical principals and professional standards.

We are committed to running our business in a way we believe is right and to holding ourselves, our employees, our franchises, and yes – our clients – those those same high ethical standards.


We value working with energy and passion through demonstrating enthusiasm and frequent celebration.

At Quantum Growth Coaching we believe that passion is the spark that ignites our creative power, guides us to our natural talents and shows us where we are best suited to make our contribution in the world. We actively support everyone with whom we interact to discover and pursue their passion, as it is the key to discovering how they are best able to contribute to the world.

In addition, we encourage regular celebration of successes small and large to nurture enthusiasm and gratitude for tasks that might otherwise seem insignificant. It is the sum of small victories had on a daily basis that leads to true success. In choosing to celebrate and be passionate on a daily basis we are accepting full responsibility for our power to create a positive, fulfilling, and high-energy workplace.


We value supporting each other to bring our whole selves to work through honesty, acceptance, and appreciation of our differences.

We believe that it is important to bring our whole selves to work, by feeling free to express our personality and gifts creatively (with consideration for maintaining our professional standards of conduct). This involves discussing our interests and passions as well as being courageous enough to share our thoughts and feelings honestly.

Honesty is an important part of authenticity, as authenticity requires both being honest with oneself about thoughts and feelings, and then having the courage to share our honest thoughts and feelings with others.

Life Long Learning

We value continuous growth and learning founded on a commitment to self-awareness.

We are dedicated to to continually learning from our friends, family, colleagues, community, the world around us — and the collected knowledge and wisdom of our diverse cultures. We believe that in being open and receptive to gathering knowledge and wisdom from every experience we encounter along our journey, we will be better able to share our unique gifts and talents with the world.

We believe that personal growth and life long learning starts with first looking inward and having awareness of how our thoughts, words, and actions impact our own life and the lives of those around us. By first looking inward, we are better able to accept responsibility for our actions and results. This acceptance, in and of itself, is a powerful catalyst for growth.


We value present-centered awareness and focusing on highest leverage actions and outcomes as the key to achieving success and fulfillment at work.

At Quantum Growth Coaching we believe that focus is critical to success. There are two key methods we use to facilitate focus:

Daily practice of mindfulness plays a key role in maintaining focus, increasing and managing our vital energy and accessing passion and creativity. Mindfulness is about staying focused on the present moment which supports us in giving 100% to everything we do, and taking action in spite of our moods.

Focus is also supported by asking the questions: “Is this the highest valued contribution I can make, right now?”, “Is this the highest and best use of my time?”


We value making and keeping commitments to ourselves and others as key to personal and professional success.


Quantum Growth Coaching we believe that commitment is also an essential ingredient to personal and professional success. Commitment is about being willing to do everything necessary to reach an outcome that is in alignment with our purpose. Being committed means being willing to act in spite of fear. It means being willing to do what is hard. It means knowing that each of us alone can choose to succeed in spite of any barriers that may be put in our way. Being committed means that we—in the words of Winston Churchill—never give up.

We want to support our team in cultivating this kind of commitment so they experience themselves as the kind of people for whom their word is the truth. That whatever they say is so will become so, and that or whatever they commit to is as good as done.

We believe work is an opportunity to challenge ourselves to succeed irrespective of the circumstances, and build our confidence that our word is law in the universe.